Community Superhero Activity

Today is National Superhero Day a day to honor superheroes, both real and fictional. I want to share the beautiful work developed by my group of students. I asked them: If you can be a community superhero. What power you would like to have? What problems you would like to solve?

Using their @apple devices they:

  • Designed a slide, on the Keynote app, with their superhero avatar and/or their logo
  • Added a sentence that described their superhero mission
  • Some of them used GarageBand app to create and added a music clip for it.
I would like to be a DEI Champion (by RMS)

I posted an example for them: “If I was a Community Superhero I would like to have DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) superpowers to fight against the lack of diversity representation, the inequities, and the exclusion regarding opportunities to achieve dreams and goals that I notice around me” by Rosanna Miiller Salas

Student Superheroes

Here are some examples of the students submissions, some of them mixed English and Español (Spanish) in their answers

“I would be a reading minds, so I can know if a criminal is lying or not. And it would help me to know if someone” by LMR

The Power of Reading Minds (by LMR)

“If I could be a community superhero, the power I would like to have would be the power of Justice to help with unjust situations around our multirace community.” by JB

The Power of Justice (justicia) by JB

“If I could be a community superhero, I’d like to have powers that positively affect the natural environment. A main problem that I’d like to solve is climate change because it destroys natural ecosystems and scenery.” by TB

The Powers to Positively Affect the Natural Environment (by TB)

 “If i had the power to igualdad I would more than happy to make people feel comfortable and secure of them bringing their culture and traditions.” by BE

The Power of Igualdad (equality) by B.E.

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