My philosophy of education is composed of theoretical knowledge acquired during my academic training and experience gained though my teaching exercise. I fundamentally believe that learning is an interactive process that integrates action and reflection.

I believe that a good teacher must be characterized principally by be a constant, reflexive, organized, researcher accessible, honest, serious and flexible. One of the most important qualities of a good educator is the ability to respect different viewpoints, generating in confidence students to express their views.

I believe in the effectiveness of analyzing the educational problems from an eclectic perspective to tackle the various viewpoints involved in each situation considering their global and specific aspects. Education is integral to a society and therefore should reflect the political, social, economic and moral situation of the society.

For me, is of particular importance the incorporation of meaningful strategies of learning. The use of motivational, creative, and dynamic strategies, allow the student reflect and evaluate each work activity and thus identify their strengths and difficulties to advance their learning process.

In the field of language teaching incorporate methods and cognitive strategies that integratesignificantly: language, learning and context; promotes the training of students more self-employed, able to develop effective communication skills.

This video shows my life vision.

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