Project description: Pixlr Express Webinar was a team project developed during INTE 5670. According to the course syllabus, “A webinar is an online, web-based seminar. For our purposes, a webinar will be a carefully crafted synchronous learning event that is built from the ground up to achieve specific learning objectives in an engaging, even entertaining way.” We moderated a synchronous webinar in CU Adobe Connect to teach how to edit photos using Online Editor Pixlr Express.

Competencies addressed: #1, #2, and #3

To learn more about the project:


  • Try this step-by-step iorad tutorial demo summarizing the webinar content.

PDF FormatRead the Pixlr Express Job Aid

  • Try our math games about Spain’s future.
    We provided additional “Do” activities by creating matching card games for participants to play while they waited for others to finish tutorial activities.  The cards use images of Spain (places, food, and art) that were edited in Pixlr Express. Play the games below.

FlashPlaces in Spain

FlashSpanish Food

FlashSpanish Art & Artists