Understand by Design

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This is the final plan that I developed in a Professional development course using Understand by Design (UbD) Design Standards, language and concepts. I consider especially relevant the activity of designing an effective Self-Assessment on Arts integration using connections between big ideas and essential questions. This assessment gave me the opportunity to determine how to compile important students’ evidence and will help me to work more effectively to meet the needs of my students.

During the discussions we had in our live meetings we participate in a productive Community of Learners. We shared information with our colleagues, talked about our teaching experiences, offered different perspectives and proposed interesting and meaningful activities in order to improve our academic performance.

Also we made an important reflection about how our own preferences as a learner and teacher determine our teacher practice. I revised and confirmed my educational believes about the importance of respecting different viewpoints, incorporating meaningful activities and strategies of learning, understanding that every student has different needs and expectations, and the fundamental notion that learning is an interactive process that integrates action and reflection.

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