Some considerations about how to assess a second language learner

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One the most important factors in the process of second language acquisition is to model correct language, and be aware of the student’s background. Their story and where they are coming from socially and academically. Teaching the whole class about cultures and allowing the student to express themselves to the class helps everyone to learn and feel like a community. Peer buddies are exceptional for new students and especially new students who are Second Language Learners. They make it welcoming and help to ease the student into the classroom culture.
I think that formal testing should wait at least a week or two in order to save the student’s self-esteem and make them more comfortable as well as getting more accurate results. It is important to do formal and informal testing in order to get a more accurate portrayal of the student’s skills and level of proficiency.
It is important to reach students in any way possible, so using materials, visuals, technology, and at times gestures is essential in lessons with Second Language Learners, and for that matter, and students. Another best practice is to have leveled questions to allow for student success and a gradual increase in skills.
Culture studies are extremely helpful in the exploration of self and other classmates. Students benefit from learning about other cultures and gain a tolerance and understanding of their peers through fun and expressive projects.

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