ILT Master Final Reflection

4-up on 12-1-14 at 9.00 PM (compiled)My participation in the ILT program helps me to achieve my professional goal of acquiring technological skills in the eLearning field. I learned how to work effectively with emerging technology and identify which are appropriate for different educational needs and settings. I became proficient designing and facilitating online instruction experiences.

I created web based instructional products focused on providing meaningful learner experiences taking into consideration students’ diverse backgrounds, learning styles, and needs. I developed a critical instructional designer perspective that helps me to evaluate and recognize adequate products and resources in response to the actual demands of learners and instructors.

The intensive interactive nature of each course created collaborative communities with other professionals in the area. I feel the deep transformation this program is still having on my professional performance. I participated in the production of digital material with pedagogical purposes. I also co-developed team projects working in a collaborative approach. These kind of digital interactions expanded my professional knowledge exponentially.

The biggest takeaway of this experience is how to continue learning and advancing in eLearning instruction. I am confident that I have become competent in the foundational technological and designer skills and knowledge required to evaluate and effectively implement emerging technologies. We are living in a world that is constantly changing and transforming. To adopt an iterative professional approach is key to success in our dynamic society.

I hope to find professional opportunities where I can apply the knowledge acquired during this process. My path will continue since there is always something new to learn. My aspiration is to become a relevant reference in the bilingual eLearning field and to build significant relationships with others who share my passion for learning and equitable education.

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