Week 7 Reflection

photoI was glad to have more time to focus on creating my final AB assignment regarding my focal theme. I enjoyed having time to deeply explore the assignments to find one meaningful to my interest and at the same time representing my acquired technical skills. I also invested productive time learning new tools/apps and reviewing again my reading notes and insights from our New Literacies text book, in an attempt to put together my reflections into a final reflection integrating what I learned in this course as a whole. My intention was to interact more actively with my peers but that goal wasn’t possible. This week I have many personal difficulties managing my time due to sickness and a lot of unexpected task in my work and in my personal life; therefore I am very relieved the required assignments were less this time. I am disappointed I didn’t contribute more, providing additional story critique and producing daily creations because these are my favorite components in this experience. Today I enjoyed exploring others’ contributions this week and I hope to continue expanding my digital relationship with them beyond this course.

This is the list of my contribution, I am proud of my commitment with the required assignments and I like how it turned out in the end. Since I didn’t meet my personal expectations of more active interaction I assigned myself 9.5/10.

AB Assignment.
Reading reflection.
Reading comments of Lee and Alicia reflections.

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