This final week I chose to create a kinetic typographic adding images to a beautiful poem written and performed by Rupi Kaur. I think it is an inspirational piece for immigrant families to celebrate their heritage and to feel proud of who they are and value the efforts, love, and sacrifices required when integrating into another country’s culture, language, and traditions. On a personal side I experienced mixed feelings when I watched the original video. This story shows the difficulty of being a child of immigrants but also identifies the deep worries of immigrant parents afraid of being rejected by your own family due to their native country’s accent.

To create this assignment I get inspired for the direction for the Kinetic Typography assignment. I decided to modified the directions focusing in highlighted using animation text only for the words or ideas more relevant for me instead the complete poem. I enjoyed this project even it was extremely time consuming. I tried to use Adobe After Effects but after while I decided to try a more familiar procedure for me drawing images, capture them, adding to my computer library and creating a video using iMovie. I published my project on YouTube.

This is the original video.