Reflection Week 6


Every week I prepared a schedule to get everything ready before the weekend. Every week I fail to achieve that goal. This time I just began to make peace with my timing. I need quiet time to read, to translate my concepts in Spanish into English, I have to reflect and relate new concepts and ideas with my previous ones. I lost my balance during this process. I need time to explore, combine, fail, and organize ideas and resources, I need to change and edit what I will post, and finally I need to recover my energy and get ready again before another challenging week… I just assume that this is my productive and effective way and every intent to force myself to change eventually will find my nature.

I found very interesting videos and stories regarding my interest. I experienced the pleasure to remember part of my past fan culture with traditional manga shows through mashup posters I discovered in DeviantArt I thought in using it as a story critique but when I was sharing the idea with a friend she sent me the amazing job of Zach King and I thought his work will be more meaningful for the class. I also explored many ideas for my personal assignment but I must select the most simple and clear ideas to meet time requirements. I also read many times the New Literacies chapter to connect the content with my personal beliefs since I have a conflict between my passion and faith in the incorporation of new technologies in educational field with my traditional approach to many subjects. This has become a constant reflection and an everyday flexible thinking practice; frequently I felt frustration and overwhelmed but at the end of each week I feel satisfaction with the new step forward in the never ending learning process I am committed with.

Below are listed the links to my participation during this week:

Story Critique.

Personal theme Assignment.

Reading response.

First TDC and Second TDC.

I commented on Lee and La Dawna stories critiques.

I shared my opinion on Alicia and Kirk reading responses.

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