Week 6. DS106 Assignment

I choose to create an interactive motivational poster using piktochart. Each round flag is linked with stories of successful people born in that country. I include a picture of the poster linked to the interactive poster, I can not add the interactive poster directly in my blog due to incompatibilities between WordPress and Piktochart.What will be your story? 

Click on the picture to review the interactive poster.

I reviewed several entries about successful latinos stories. I selected a variety of people whom excel in different areas such as technological development, art, entertainment or healthcare. My intention was to provide examples of latinos whom are working hard to make our world better.

I believe becoming familiar with these stories has the potential to inspire students to find their way to contribute positively for social change and at the same time it is a strategy to learn about cultural heritage. The majority are entries from wikipedia showing how the stories have been built through a collaborative process and also providing additional resources to explore further. I hope the final question “What will be your story” serves as an initial reflection about whar latino students can achieve during their lives.

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