Week 6 Critique. Zach King Remixing Practices

I recently watched some amazing videos produced by Zack King. I think he is an excellent example of successful remixing practices. Each video created by him shows a deep knowledge of technology and high levels of creativity. I chose to post a mashup of his work of six-second videos digitally edited to provide an illusion he is making a magic trick.

The use of social media to share, create, innovate, and teach has a great value in social learning environments. Additionally he is a positive role model representing how the young generation coming from a cultural family can achieve success.

I will be referring specifically to mashing up web applications I identify in his site Zach King Vine http://www.zachkingvine.com/meet-zach-king/

1. Having access to how-to guides: In his website FinalCutKing.com he offers training and tips about using editing software (mainly Final Cut Pro). Each tutorial is well explained and professionally created.

2. Understanding the difference between desktop/webtop and apps based mashups.

3. Have access to server space for hosting the mashup application, and knowing how to load it to the server and make it available to others.

Each short video have a specific narration about digital tricks. He developed a personality and character as MagicKing, also he is very creative and engaging. Zach King is a representative of how passion and persistence can bring success to creating on digital platforms.