Week 5. Reflection

photoI had an intensive week. I didn’t participate as frequently as I intended but I think my contributions and learning were meaningful. This week reading brings a sense of interdependence between my personal productions and participation in generation of collaborative thinking. I was able to connect readings, assignments, and critique into a cohesive whole regarding my theme of interest. I was pleased to have found great material in something intriguing for me such as machinima video production development with the purpose to generate cultural integration. This was a wonderful finding for me! I was able to associate productions I explored and the article I referred to in my reading reflection.
Last week I expressed my concerns of remixing practices that seem too focused in learn technical skills and critique thinking practices, but I was wondering if all this accessibility of tools and resources attempts to encourage originality. After this week’s exploration I feel more optimistic, I learned ways to specialize incorporating collaborative knowledge and context as a promissory approach to encourage creativity applying remixing practices. It is so much to learn and explore from others’ experience and I am glad I am having the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences in this accelerating but interesting process.

These are the links regarding my productions and contribution this days.

First TDC and Second TDC assignments.
Mashup assigment
Story critique.
Lankshead and Knobel reflection.
I Commented on Mike and Erin engaging reading reflections.
I Commented on Mitchell and Alicia interesting story critiques.

I evaluate myself 9.5/10. My main goal next week is to continue connecting my productions and posts with promoting positive identity in immigrant students, my focus theme.

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