Week 4. Reflection

photoI enjoyed deeply this week’s activities and reading. From the reading I learned about popular everyday remixing practices I am ashamed I was unaware of. Like making machinima videos or fan fiction short movies, It was interesting exploring the sites, understanding the production requirements, and watching different videos and images to select which one to critique. I also have a deeper and meaningful exchange of ideas and opinions with my peers. My time commitment with the course feels more productive, therefore I had the opportunity to review almost every peer post, that probably was the more important time investment I did. Having the opportunity to spend time reviewing my partners’ posts help me to understand them better and expand my own knowledge. I also found myself disconnected from some of the critiques since they are mainly focused in common knowledge about tv shows, movies, or music that I am not familiar with; again the cultural barrier appear between me and my classmates, but at the same time I found places in common like enjoying Harry Potter movies or art expressions. At the end I identified more similarities than differences and I am really glad for it.
I also have the opportunity to share my ideas about remixing benefits and my concerns regarding creativity, originality, and copyright issues and found that concerns are shared for others in the house, bringing again the ecology nature of this class and the notion of nothing is new, everything is part of humanity’s knowledge and the transformation and evolution of individual and global ideas.

These are the links summarizing this week activities:
First TDC, Second TDC
DS 106 Design
L&K Chapter 4.
DS Critique
Comment on Susannah and Emily critiques.
Comment on Amelia and Alicia reading responses.

I am proud of my daily participation this week contributing in different ways with the constant flow of ideas and post necessary for our community. I assigned myself 9.5/10.

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