For this week’s critique I chose to focus on a fan fiction short movie about one of the most representative characters of Harry Potter series, Severus Snape. As a Harry Potter fanatic I found this work fascinating and it clearly shows deep knowledge of the history of the series as well as solid literacy dimensions representative in this fan fiction movie. Regarding the kind of involvement, the young author expressed fan identity when explaining her personal reasons to create the video, she also expressed her fan enjoyment through well documented knowledge of the book and movie series. Additionally she shared in a mature way considerations about the central character of her movie, Severus Snape. In terms of creative process she also gave proper credit to all the material she used in the production and added a brief explanation of how the movie was produced “All rights go to their respective owners. I used GarageBand, Final Cut Pro 10.0.08 and iMovie to edit music + video.” I also found interesting how she encouraged further discussions about the video and the character providing links to her Tumblr site.

Some literacy dimensions I would like to evaluate from the ones provided in Lankshear and Knobel chapter four appendix are:

Video remixing skills: Excellent. The production evidenced adequate use of video editing techniques: (e.g., cutting, splicing, transitioning) to create a seamless whole. In my opinion the author demonstrated expertise remixing segments from the movies and putting them together changing the chronological order to produce a well organized and logic story. I recognize all the time, effort, and capacity of synthesis the production involved.

Music remixing knowledge: Excellent. The video shows expertise in selecting relevant music for the movie soundtrack. The music is edited, combined, and synchronized appropriately with the videos. She also gave song links in order of appearance.

Promoting the fan space: Excellent. The author responded to comments and engaged viewers with forums about the topic such as http://tinyurl.com/snapefanfic. She also is responding to the feedback received in a proper time manner in her video discussion as well in her Tumblr site, additionally providing other resources that may be in the interest of the fan community. The number of comments is an impressive 7,807,591 and is still increasing even though the fan movie was created in 2014.

Overall, In my opinion the production is excellent and a wonderful example of how the younger generation is developing great skills in new literacies. I enjoyed and recommend the fan movie. If you are a HP fan you will enjoyed this fan work!