Week 3. Reflection


Self-discovery is becoming a daily surprise. That is the start I choose for one of my daily created assessments and I believe that idea represents my experience during these days. This was a remarkable week for me in this course. I was able to interconnect all the activities I participated with my professional interest and focus theme, but the most important progress I did is the connection I established between this course and my personal experience everyday. I appreciate the opportunity to explore different digital and non-virtual resources providing meaning to my practice. I am feeling more comfortable and confident with my contribution and participation including my peripheral approach to some peers’ participation. Anxiety is transforming into desire to expand knowledge and have more time to explore deeper how to provide meaningful participation in the various spaces to share we are developing. I feel a part, I feel belonging to a something potentially beneficial and I am deeply glad for it.

I would like to summarize my contributions during this week. I am trying to not visualize it as to do list of assignments but at the end I constantly need to check assignments / due dates and this kind of schedule management seems to work well for me.

I assigned myself a 9.5/10 I think my engagement, contributions, and practical applications are progressing but still I have aspects to improve. What do I need to improve? I need to make an enormous effort to provide faster responses to peers’ comments to my contributions. That is the main goal I have for the following weeks.

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