Week 3. Digital Stories Critique

This week I decided to share two beautiful and inspiring stories. These ones bring hope to our lives because the message is powerful and touching. The stories are connected with my focal theme since both focus on positive identity and how we have the inner strength to make the best of our lives though self-confidence, positive attitude, and hard work.

Yo Elijo Vivir / I Choose To Live

This is an inspiring TEDxTepuy speech by Maickel Melamed. He recently became famous because of his achievement of completing the Boston Marathon after running more than 20 hours and despite his muscular dystrophy condition. Maickel’s story is a continuous example of effort. He graduated and is an economist at “University Catholic Andres Bello”, my alma mater, and I had the opportunity to meet him briefly many years ago during my college years. I admire his passion and capacity to bring hope to others. I proudly like to share his ideas from this beautiful and engaging speech.

My method of critique is based on Jason Ohler’s Digital and Traditional Storytelling. The three traits I will consider for this digital story are 1) Story, 2) Research, and 3) Sense of Audience. I chose these three traits because I want to highlight how the author excelled in these aspects during his presentation.

Story: Maickel shared his personal story. He mentioned how he accomplished goals by focusing on how to achieve them. His personal attitude transformation was explained though three personal anecdotes pointing out his core idea: Choose to live, believe in yourself.

Research: During the presentation he made meaningful references to recognized personalities such as Einstein, Newton and Darwin. Also he made references to biological and economical theory insights. He used this references to support his story.

Sense of Audience: Maickel demonstrated his expertise as a professional lecturer. He used humor, common expressions for his cultural knowledge, gestures, voice inflection as well emotional and social conventions to deeply connect with the audience. He underscored his fundamental ideas using projected images, specific phrases, and key words in an economical approach to impact the public and make an environment of synergy with the public.

I think the author did an outstanding job presenting his ideas. I found it touching, inspiring, and additionally engaged my personal references when I recognized my own culture, believes, and expressions from our native country. I highly recommend this video.



Present Perfect

The second story I want to share is a promotional trailer of a documentary film. It is about a Seattle initiative to integrate a preschool and an home for the eldery. The production shows how the two generations together generate a meaningful relationship where sharing diary experiences building a supportive community where love, solidarity, and respect are seen everyday.

Story: The video shows how the diary exchange between little kids and elders changed positively their life, giving each a beautiful message of support, mutual understanding, and respect. As a promotional production I think the author did a beautiful job summarizing the initiative of putting together two generations and selecting impactful images and moments that showed the positive of this project.

Research: The presentation provided some statistics to support the importance of the project. I think it would be beneficial to add some initial and final explanation to better understand the project and it’s importance.

Sense of audience: The promotional trailer was made to create consciousness about the importance and benefits of the project. They provided space for comments and a link to support the initiative. I think it would be beneficial to add captions and translations to include a wider audience.

In my opinion well conceptualized advertisements and promotional productions are key to support valuable initiatives such as Providence Mount St. Vincent. I think they are doing a great job connecting the community with the idea and I applaud the integration with other platforms such as their web site and Facebook page with articles about the initiatives in different languages.

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