Week 2. Lessons Learned


This week I experienced the joy of feeling more fluent and active in our course. I decided what will be my focal theme: Empowering positive identity in immigrant students. I hope to develop meaningful digital productions orientated to promoting my personal interest. I enjoyed the daily engaging with peers’ productions and having the opportunity to expand my knowledge about different points of view. I read and connected deeper this week with the Lankshear and Knobel chapter. I found the value of the reading topic in regards to my focal theme.

In terms of digital skills I became more agile using some tools and platforms, but I also felt frustrated when I was developing the audio assignment. I had the intention to produce a touching audio production and spent several hours recording, selecting, and editing sounds. I found manipulating audio to be more difficult for me because I was using different software then I used before (I switched Windows to Mac a few months ago) and at the end the result wasn’t the one I envisioned. Additionally I still haven’t found a solution for my gravatar conflict with our ds106 group. I tried many ways to solve it but my gravatar is not showing in our page. I also learned if you post more that one WordPress post in one day, the next one shows the next day’s date, fortunately I post everything also in Twitter so I hope it doesn’t look like a late submission. I will consider how to manage posting each assignment on different days.

My personal checklist: I participated more comfortably. I read interesting additional articles and watched videos related to my interest. I found my focal theme. I consciously helped to build our community of learning. I provided comments after careful reflection of my peers ideas. I am managing better my student-mother-worker-housekeeping schedule. I experience joining, engaging, and frustration. I think I earned 9/10 because there is always a way to improve what I did.

Thank you group for a very productive weekWee

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