Week 1. Lessons Learned

This was a challenging week for me. I started this course with many expectations and personal resolutions that like in every previous learning experience are transformed beginning the first day. I expected to spend more time focused on improving my designer skills; rather I found myself in a new social learning interaction path that is very demanding but at the same time extremely useful for my professional goals.
I understood the advice about the frustration we will experience during this class. I read several times every component of the course, the syllabus, the peer discussions necessary to participate properly this initial week. Even if I had accounts before this class with WordPress, twitter, Flicker, Soundcloud, Facebook, trello, and several others I do no use them regularly. I am acquiring a sense of belonging and active participation in social networking due to the growing community we are developing though ds106 CU Denver’s Learning with Digital Stories. I felt confused, and overwhelmed and still I need to find my comfortable personal flow with the class.
I made mistakes like using my old WorldPress blog address or using images for the text assignments, fortunately I was able to fix them when I asked for help. The requirement that ironically took the most time for me was to connect my gravatar, it still is not showing in our ds106 group even if appears in my blog and I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.
I enjoyed watching different partners’ submissions, their ideas and posts are a great inspiration for me. At the same time I used this week to define my interest. I would like to learn more about the real potential and applications of digital storytelling for positive change in bilingual education. I already created a storage space for relevant video productions and sites dedicated to this theme.
In terms of auto evaluation I assigned myself 9/10. I submitted all the assignments required on time and focused on providing pertinent comments to my peers. I think I still need to challenge myself more and participate more actively beyond course requirements. I need to become more fluent and confident with my professional social networking in English as well in Spanish. My goal is to become a daily producer, I review submissions and materials daily but my participation speed needs to improve.

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